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    • 3 years ago


        fuck you doin? bullshittin 

    • 3 years ago
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    you’re not a real man.

    maybe you didn’t really need my lovin

     not the way i needed yours.

     i was only trynna keep it open

    how you gonna slam the door?

    lead me to believe we were together
    you were on a different plan
    just when things were changing for the better
    you turned into a different man

    if i was you….
    i never would’ve left you in the cold in the first place.
    and if i was you…….

    i’d really try to make a u turn on a one way
    said you let me down
    a real man wouldn’t of done it like that.


    • 3 years ago

    i believed in people like you.

    i’d prayed that you

    were different from them..

    as i always chase the ones

    that i know i should run from

    but its something about ya type

    that got me stuck…

    red flags are waved

    might as well say,

    klynn don’t stay girl…

    but its not like i would listen 

    even if you told me baby 

    what.. im to into you

    it just aint right. 

    but live boy, have ya fun boy..

    i’ll be fine.

    i’m gonna convince myself i found what

    making a mistake i never learned from..

    i swear….i believed in people like you.

    • 3 years ago
    • 4 years ago

    rescue me.

    This poor heart of mine 
    Still feel I can find 
    A love to call my own 
    I gave him good love
    Made him feel like a man 
    Now I need someone new 
    And I want someone like you 

    He will come and rescue me 
    I know one day he’ll come for me
    He will come and save me
    And i’m waiting …. 

    Want someone to come into my life and truly rescue me
    From the pain that a love selfishly has left with me
    I need lovin I need love if nothin else
    Baby if your out there holla back ;) 

    i know one day he’ll come. 


    • 4 years ago
    • 4 years ago
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    • 4 years ago

    Family First.

    My sisters are my world. Ashley. Lexi. Natalie. & Desi.  <3

    • 4 years ago


    This time I was certain
    There’d be no more hurtin
    I thought u were perfect
    Tell me…was she worth it
    Now, here I am again
    A broken heart to mend
    No one can help me now
    The walls are closin in
    and now…

    My worlds crashing down, down, down, down
    crashing all the way down
    cuz he aint around, round, round, round
    he’d said he’d be around

    im just gonna stay here
    face down in my own tears

    • 4 years ago